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As usual, Apple again is getting into controversies with the newer update of iOS 14.5. The scandal surrounding the artificial slowdown of the iPhone with worn-out batteries. As the new iphone is expected to unveil in the month of September, this type of practice the company has started.

Initially, Apple denied the accusations; but after a series of independent research and widespread publicity, it was forced to admit guilt. Moreover, the company is slowing down newer models, including the iPhone 12 according to the new accusations.

The consumer protection society in Spain OCU has written a letter to Apple asking it to justify the slowing down of iPhone 12, 11, 8 series and iPhone XS after certain iOS 14 updates. “These updates have significantly damaged consumer devices, causing the battery to drain faster,” the OCU said.

The organisation (OCU in Spanish) has sent a letter to Apple demanding compensation to users who have suffered. If Apple fails to do anything satisfactory, there might be a lawsuit waiting for it soon. Here’s a look at all the details.

Apple later accepted this and sent out an update to sort this issue out. It even decreased the prices of battery replacements, paid a hefty sum to settle the lawsuit, and introduced a battery health indicator as a way of compensating people.

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