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According to reports, Salesforce is experiencing a major outage to its cloud services due to a domain name system (DNS) issue, with no estimate of restoration available yet.

Multiple Salesforce services are impacted, including the core customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and its marketing, commerce, government and experience cloud services.

Customers attempting to log in were greeted with a “maintenance” page. The message reads, “We are down for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll be back shortly”. Users are not able to monitor resolution of the situation as it is also impacting the Salesforce status site, which is not currently accessible.

Salesforce Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Parker Harris tweeted that a domain name system issue is causing the problems. Harris added that Salesforce believes the issue has been isolated and services are being brought back online. He cautioned that customers may continue to experience issues as Salesforce works through remediation.

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