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More than 128 million iOS users were allegedly affected by the “XcodeGhost” malware which first surfaced in 2015 — responsible for injecting malware into several iPhone and iPad apps that were subsequently uploaded to the App Store.

Internal Apple emails have revealed during the Epic Games vs Apple trial that 128 million consumers had downloaded more than 2,500 apps infected by the malware that came from the fake copy of Xcode. In total, these 2,500 infected apps have been downloaded more than 203 million times in the App Store.

An employer mentioned that “China represents 55% of customers and 66 percent of downloads,” also referring to the “XcodeGhost” malware.

According to more internal Apple emails, about 18 million affected users were based in the US.

Several developers downloaded the infected Xcode because Apple’s servers were slow, so they looked for alternative download links. Even popular apps like ‘Angry Birds 2’ were affected.

As soon as the malware was identified, Apple asked developers to immediately recompile their apps with a genuine version of Xcode. Apple has reinforced both the security of the Xcode installation process and the malware scanning when submitting apps to the App Store.

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