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Google and Univision, a Spanish-language content and media company, has entered into a new multi-year strategic partnership.

As per the partnership, Google will promote the growth of Univision’s media and content portfolio and help it become a media company of the future. Google’s cloud computing will play a major role in it.

The agreement also mentions that Google Cloud will help to promote Univision’s digital transformation, deepen Univision’s relationship with Hispanic audiences and communities, and enable it to continue to create “market-leading” content for the next generation of Spanish-speaking audiences.

“If I want to buy a car, I don’t want to go buy four wheels and a steering wheel and an engine and doors and try and figure out how to put that together,” Univision Chief Executive Wade Davis said.

In addition, Univision will also cooperate with other Google products, such as Android, Android TV OS, YouTube, Google Play, Google Ad Manager and Google Search, to enhance its features and improve the overall audience experience.

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