Facebook Blocks #ResignModi Posts Amid Covid Crisis, Admits the Mistake
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi address at a function to mark 75 years of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, via video conferencing, in New Delhi on February 16, 2021.
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Facebook has admitted its mistake of blocking #ResignModi posts before restoring them hours later. Several users complained that their posts calling for PM Modi’s resignation over the Covid crisis, had been taken down for ‘violating the community standards.’

The spiralling controversy over Facebook’s recent actions to block unlawful content, has enraged its users following the central government requests to remove social media content relating to Covid-19 posts. The government in its efforts to curb the spread of misinformation and panic, had resorted to such extreme measures.

Facebook Admits the Mistake

Nevertheless, Facebook has clarified that it was an unforced mistake and not a directive of the government. The company spokesperson later explained that the error was linked with the content of label and not the hashtag itself.

The new rules imposed by the government this year, has forced the hands of Facebook and Twitter to take down sensitive and unlawful content. This has trigerred a widespread cry in social media over lack of freedom of speech in the world’s largest democracy.

“We temporarily blocked this hashtag by mistake, not because the Indian government asked us to, and have since restored it,” Facebook’s Policy Communications Director Andy Stone tweeted.

Union Government Blocks Outrageous Tweets

Earlier, the Union government had reportedly blocked around 50 tweets that invariably condemned the government’s lacklustre efforts in fighting Covid-19. The tweets carried the label ‘withheld in India owing to a legal demand.’

Many such posts and content were reportedly flagged by the government on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other websites in a bid to minimise chaos and panic among the public.

Rapid Surge in Covid-19 Cases

Of late, India has seen a rapid surge in Covid-19 cases while hospital beds, medicines and oxygen supplies are running out. People have flooded social media with SOS messages and requests for oxygen, CT scans, doorstep Covid tests, food and medicine supplies for elderly in quarantine while reported daily infections have reached 3,00,000 cases.

The prevailing Covid crisis has stirred a public outrage as the government’s efforts are found wanting. The lawmaker’s actions to bring the pandemic under control has come under scrutiny while social media platforms continue to block misinformation and unlawful content linked to Covid-19 pandemic.

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