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Apple has announced a massive investment as the U.S. begins rebuilding from the Covid-19 pandemic that’s expected to add thousands of jobs across the country in the coming years.

The investment will fund the company’s first East Coast campus in North Carolina, as well as create jobs in the fields of silicon engineering and 5G technology.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook  says at this moment of recovery and rebuilding, Apple is doubling down on its commitment to US innovation and manufacturing with a generational investment reaching communities across all 50 states.

Data centre 

The exact timeline for the project was not immediately given.

With its investments, Apple set a target of creating 20,000 more jobs nationwide in the next five years. Some of the jobs will come from expanding teams in Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, New York, California and other states, officials said.

A new data center is also planned in Iowa, which is expected to create hundreds of construction and operation jobs. Apple has also awarded funds to create new manufacturing facilities in Indiana and Kentucky.

Apple TV+

Part of Apple’s investment will also boost 5G technology in several states. The investment also includes dozens of Apple TV+ productions across 20 states, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the creative industry.

Apple also said it plans to establish a $100 million fund to support schools and community initiatives and contribute more than $110 million in infrastructure spending to go toward broadband, roads, bridges and public schools across the state.

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