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ABT Group’s health drink Mirakle, which was launched at the beginning of the pandemic in Tamil Nadu last year, targets major Indian markets by the end of this year. It is also planning to foray into Singapore and Dubai markets.

Mirakle, which is infused with 1000 mg of Vitamin C, was recently launched in Mumbai. This Vitamin C rich health drink is approved by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

“This drink can be consumed to boost one’s immunity and comes in a Tetra Pack. Vitamin C is known for its properties to enhance one’s resistance and fight off various diseases,” ABT Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Manickam Mahalingam told the NFAPost.

“Mirakle has the highest density of Vitamin C of any product available at present as nano-particles are delivered in a liposomal method with elements such as Lysine and Proline buffered with Phospholipids. The anti-oxidants in Mirakle help in fighting cardiovascular diseases, muscular degeneration and neutralise oxidative stress. By energising the Mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cell, one can also cope with stress and metabolic disorder,” he added.

Mirakle is available on ecommerce platform This drink is also available in Nilgiris and major pharmacies across Coimbatore. In Chennai, it is available in Nilgiris and it is available in all Wellness Forever stores across Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

“It is available at Rs 50 (with Sugar) and Rs 60 (Sugar-free) for 200 ml,” said Mahalingam.

When asked about the company’s target segment, he said, “Mirakle is a health drink and we are targeting all age groups. Our mission is to ensure that we create awareness about the importance of Vitamin C for building the body’s immunity. Mirakle provides you with the nutrients to support a healthy immune system. Apart from that, it is also a collagen-rich drink that is good for joints, skin, and hair. Our aim is to see Mirakle becoming an integral part of people’s everyday nutrition for their overall well-being.”

The company isn’t looking at any product expansion at present. Instead, it aims to be present across major Indian markets by the end of 2021.

Mirakle’s manufacturing plants are located at the Sakthi Sugars Limited, a group company, in Tamil Nadu. ABT, the parent company, has prior experience in bottling soft drinks/ fruit juices for various corporate beverage giants in India. Mirakle has 4,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.

“Until January 2021, Mirakle manufactured 9 lakh tetra packs. At present, monthly sales of the drink is around 60,000, and we are targeting around 2 lakh packs a month in 2021-22,” Mahalingam said.

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