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Mumbai, NFAPost: Goldmedal Electricals, one of India’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company, announced its foray into a new product segment with the launch of its innovative and premium range of fans.

A company known for introducing various innovations in the wiring device segment and its high-quality product design, Goldmedal fans will be available in multiple categories, including Ceiling fans, Table fans, Wall fans, Personal, Pedestal, Portable, Axial as well as Ventilation fans. Many of these fans will be available in super-premium, premium and standard variants.

Speaking at the launch, Goldmedal Director Praveen Jain said Goldmedal has a history of introducing technologically advanced, durable, highly usable products at the right price.

“With this launch, we aim to introduce superior quality fans in various segments. We are confident that Goldmedal fans will satisfy the demands of the quality-conscious consumer in every way,” said Praveen Jain.

Goldmedal fans will be available in a wide range of styles and models and have a host of features unique to its category. Equipped with energy-efficient motors that function quietly at higher speed and features 100% virgin copper windings, Goldmedal fans are highly efficient and ensure less energy consumption.

Goldmedal has also announced that they will provide industry-leading support and services through a dedicated call centre that will ensure quick and seamless onsite service for immediate redressal of any grievances.

Goldmedal Electricals Director Kishan Jain said the company wants to set new benchmarks for quality and service in the industry.

“By doing a phase-wise launch, we want to make sure that we set the right standards of delivery and service in every location before we move to the next phase. We are focussed on quality and innovation and we will continue to bring new ideas to the segment,” said Kishan Jain.

The fans will be launched in a phase-wise manner in India. The first phase will have Goldmedal fans available in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Rajasthan, which will be followed by launches in other Indian states.

Goldmedal Electricals Electricals Director Bishan Jain said to create world-class products, it is necessady to invest in high quality infrastructure, materials, and manpower.

“There are no short cuts if your promise is to deliver the best products in the category. We will continue with the same approach that we have for our wiring devices in the fans category too. We are confident that customers will appreciate the quality of our offerings once they use our products,” said Bishan Jain.

Goldmedal aims to be among the country’s top companies in the fans segment over the next five years. It will also be introducing a wider range of smart and IoT fans in the near future with a focus on aesthetically designed fans that will be the choice of consumers who prefer fans with superior visual design.

To achieve this, it plans to expand its manufacturing facility to make it a fully-automated, 10 lakh square feet unit that is equipped with the latest, high-tech machines for all aspects of manufacturing including windings, painting and coating.

Goldmedal Electricals is a home grown electrical company which was established in the year 1979 with a vision to create electrical switches and accessories that make a positive difference to the lives of consumers. The company is known in the industry for manufacturing high quality wiring devices and introducing a host of innovations in the industry.

1981, Goldmedal entered the Wires and Cables business. In 1995, the company set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Goregaon, Mumbai for the manufacturing of wires & cables and modular switches.

Alongside Wires and Cables, the company today manufactures a vast range of electrical products including various types of Switches, Home automation systems, Security Systems, Entertainment devices, Door bells, Wires, Cables and more for residential buildings as well as commercial establishments.

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