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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Startups have become the new-age mantra in the rapidly evolving tech space, fashion and lifestyle, as well as food and drink industry. So, the time is now ripe for startups to make their presence felt as hundreds of new startups are taking birth worldwide, every day.

According to Boost Media Agency, here is the list of the most promising new startups of 2021 with a vision strongly focused upon improving the lives of others, whether it be through their safety, hobbies, values or nutrition.

Safely – (

Founded in 2019, Safely is an app designed to help women feel and be safe by harnessing the power of people. After spending two decades securing thousands of homes and workplaces in one business, and streamlining corporate travel bookings with technology in another, Safely co-founders, Justin Nesvanulica and Ross Fastuca, decided to put their heads together to tackle an issue their existing businesses couldn’t resolve: No matter how secure a home or workplace is, the moment a woman walks out the door, her safety is left there too.

With 2 in 3 women reporting that they feel unsafe outside of their homes and 1 in 3 set to experience physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime, this issue desperately needed to be addressed.

After a year of research and design, and another 8 months of development and testing, Safely will launch in March 2021 as an app that transforms a woman’s phone into a potential lifesaver, connecting her to friends, family and emergency services to help keep her safe, wherever she goes.

All you need is a mobile phone, and a friend or family member to be your guardian. The more people you have, the bigger your safety network and the safer you will be.

You can also protect your loved ones and use the app to be a guardian for them too. As a business, Safely is committed to making a big shift in society; one where individuals stand behind each other, feel empowered to speak up and work towards changing these horrific public safety statistics for good.

UPPAREL – (@upparelofficial)

UPPAREL, formerly known as MANRAGS, is the world’s first circular essentials brand and one of the textile upcycling leaders in the industry. They’ve revolutionized the reuse, repurpose, and recycling of textiles to make something new and they stand at the forefront of the circular fashion economy, a highly sustainable practice that can make a big difference in the world. UPPAREL is Australia’s leading textile recycler and the first digital textile recyclers in the world.

So far, they have prevented over 150,000 kilograms of textiles from ending up in a landfill. Instead, these textiles are circulated for as long as they can provide value. By doing this, they’ve prevented the production of over 650,000 kilograms of greenhouse gases in 9 months, which is simply incredible.

UPPAREL is well-known for creating a fully-circular model where everything is saved from landfills and nothing is sent overseas to be recycled. They operate entirely in Melbourne, Victoria, which is something that sets them apart from other companies.

This company is quite unique and they don’t have many competitors, so they’re definitely trailblazers in the industry. They have created a system that allows them to provide the bulk of the textiles they receive to charities and other social enterprises in Australia, not only to support the community but also to support the environment and make a difference.

BloomCatch (@bloomcatch)

BloomCatch Inc. started as an idea that bloomed between two parents on a  family hike.  The idea grew into a hobby that allowed their children to connect with nature by learning to distinguish local foliage and understand more about it. Since then, BloomCatch has become a unique startup with a critical mission and a dynamic team behind it.

Plants are essential to people’s lives in many different ways. BloomCatch helps users keep their plants alive with accurate identification both on the app and through real plant experts. BloomCatch combines machine learning with human expertise to deliver a robust solution.

The Bloomcatch application is a vibrant community that connects plant lovers to plant growers. BloomCatch helps users make real connections. The app links people to nurseries so they can purchase plants locally and support small businesses which is more important than ever before.

BloomCatch also supports local charities that align with its core values. The company has partnered with local non-profits like the Washington Youth Garden and City Blossoms and gives back 10% of revenue to support their efforts.

Bloomcatch is now available for download on the App Store and Google PlayStore.

Get Supr (@getsupr)

Get Supr, the premium CBD-infused instant coffee, was born from a desire to prove that alleviating stress and promoting energy didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. The founders of Get Supr were fed up with the energy-depleting side effects of medications prescribed for anxiety, and knew there had to be a better way to gain balance in their lives, without sacrificing their morning cup of joe.

Get Supr is an easy-to-make instant coffee, made with 100% organic Columbian Beans and infused with a broad-spectrum, water-soluble Hemp extract, containing all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, including 20mg of CBD for a true “entourage effect”. In an easy-to-use, on-the-go format, Get Supr comes in single-serve packets and is enjoyed by the simple addition of hot water for a comforting energy boost, without the crash.

The team at Get Super’s vision goes far beyond their quality products, promoting a more well-rounded lifestyle, in which people don’t have to sacrifice their well being to feel their best.

Wine Valet (@winevalet)

Wine Valet was founded by wine lovers Alain Guillemain and Sarah Sweeney, whom after travelling together and tasting a great variety of wines, are excited to share their discoveries with the world. Their concept – to make boutique cellar door wines available to customers who want to enjoy them at home, without having to travel to the wineries to discover them.

The idea of Wine Valet was born when Alain tasted an extraordinary Nebbiolo d’Alba at a local restaurant a few years back, instantly knowing it was something he wanted to share with others. Typically, boutique wines are unavailable for consumption at home, so the problem Alain and Sarah sought to solve was how to deliver these wines to their customers.

Wine Valet have since raised a promising $101k across 86 investors in their capital-raising debut in November 2020, achieving a valuation of $3.2m. Following their acceptance into one of Australia’s leading accelerator programs for startups, ilab at UQ Ventures, Wine Valet’s next capital raise will open after ilab’s demo day on 14 April 2021. April 2021 will also see the launch of their highly anticipated app, designed to learn what clients like and lead them through a tailored wine journey to discover wines they are sure to love.

With ambitions to enter the US market by October 2021, Wine Valet is redefining the market for wine lovers by deploying processes and technologies that actively reduce customer disappointment in relation to the quality and value of wine.


Two Hands (@twohandsglobal)

Two Handsmission is to create and nourish universal kinship across global communities.  They are a champion for fishers and farmers globally, driving ethical supply chains that bring safe food to all.

As a next-generation organization, Two Hands combines blockchain, smart tagging and track and trace technologies with a focus on human connectedness, collaboration, and transparency.

Their ‘humanising technology’ innovates the supply chain, removing middlemen and bringing back power, trust and connection between producers, chefs and consumers.

This is needed, because to chefs and consumers globally, fishers and farmers are faceless, their regions invisible and the supply chain a black box, leading to food fraud and inefficient supply chains costing the global economy $128 billion annually.

Mental health is a significant issue with farmers and fishers globally.  Food fraud, in its many faces, hurts human health and endangers the survival of many animal species.  This cannot continue.

To unlock blockchain’s massive efficiencies and integrity benefits, it requires all participants in the supply chain to act with integrity.   However, most existing blockchain platforms simply offer a platform for others to bolt onto, or bolster the power of existing middlemen.

There can’t be end-to-end integrity when each participant focuses on maximising their own revenue and minimising their costs. That’s why, globally, there have been precious few monetised blockchain applications like Two Hands.

With Two Hands, all participants share the same values and aligned vision of an ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain. This is the mega opportunity Two Hands offers.

SOURCE: This article is based on Boost Media Agency’s selection of the startups to watch out for.

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