Microsoft's New Intelligent Speaker Helps Detect the Speaker in Meeting Rooms
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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Microsoft has just unveiled its new Intelligent Speaker at the Ignite event, which enables us to find out the actual speaker in a group when connected to Microsoft Teams meeting app.

Microsoft Intelligent Speaker Enhances User Experience with Remote Team Meetings

Microsoft Intelligent Speaker Helps Detect Individual Speakers in Meeting Rooms

The speakers are capable of identifying up to 10 different speakers in one meeting room while also monitoring and logging the conversations. This feat enables even the remotely-connected meeting participants to follow the discussion without being physically or visually connected to the speakers in the meeting room.

An AI-powered 7-array microphone is built into the speakers to help recognise and differentiate the individual voices. This feature facilitates in matching the specific voices to people’s profiles in Microsoft Teams.

Intelligent Speaker Supports Privacy Protection Feature

On the customisation front, there is a feature to turn off logging or transcribing function to protect an individual’s privacy. Furthermore, you can also block its ability to match transcriptions to specific individuals when required.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Speakers are currently in the testing phase and expected to enter the preview release later this year. Given the pandemic situation across the globe, it would be a great asset to corporate teams who would be connecting remotely to various parts of the globe for virtual meetings.

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