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New Delhi, NFAPost: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has cleared that the deadline for the implementation of FASTag would not be extended any further, and the vehicle owners should immediately adopt the e-payment facility.

FASTags, which facilitate electronic payment of fee at toll plazas, was introduced in 2016. Making the compulsion of tags would also help in ensuring that vehicles pass seamlessly through the toll plazas, as the fee payment would be done electronically.

Replying to a query on FASTags at the Nagpur airport, Gadkari said the government had extended FASTag registration date limit two-three times before; and now, it would not be extended further. Now, everybody should immediately buy FASTag.

The FASTag registration has gone up to 90 per cent on some routes and only 10 per cent people are left. FASTag is also available on toll nakas and people should purchase and use it for seamless traffic, he said.

The central government extended the FASTag deadline for the vehicles from January 1, 2021, to February 15, 2021.

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