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Skylo has partnered with Beetel, a technology brand offering contemporary solutions for modern India’s connectivity and IT needs. The two companies have partnered to rapidly scale the adoption of end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to connect the billions of machines and remote assets in hundreds of industries across India.

As part of this partnership Beetel will provide sales, customer support, and product fulfillment to support Skylo’s fast-growing customer progress.

“Machine connectivity is critical, especially for those in traditionally analog industries, like logistics, construction, mining and agriculture,” said Skylo COO Angira Agrawal.

“This partnership with Beetel is a big win as we help governments and businesses understand the tremendous value we bring by providing actionable insights to improve efficiencies, increase profits, and even save lives. With Skylo, logistics companies can get faster access to telematics info on their fleet, construction and mining equipment can be connected and managed in any part of the country, and farmers can utilize farming equipment more efficiently,” he added.

Today’s networks were designed to connect people. Machines and sensors, especially those in remote and underserved areas like rural farms and boats out at sea, require a different type of network — and it needs to be affordable, reliable, and continuous.

Skylo is funded by Softbank Group, DCM, Innovation Endeavors, Boeing HorizonX, and Moore Strategic Ventures, and was founded in 2017 by CEO Parth Trivedi, CTO Dr Andrew Nuttall, CPO Tarun Gupta, and Chief Hub Architect Dr Andrew Kalman. Skylo has offices in Palo Alto, Bengaluru, Tel Aviv, Espoo, and is growing globally.

Skylo serves customers across public and private sectors in industries including agriculture, fishing, logistics, transportation, machine health, and others.

Beetel’s Senior Vice President Sanjeev Patil said, “We believe that there’s a phenomenal market potential to bring analog, previously offline machines online for the first time. Beetel’s customer base, strong network, and experience in telecom, data, IT sales and services, when coupled with Skylo’s disruptive technology, will rapidly propel the Indian market.”

Skylo, alongside its strategic partners, will continue to advance Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a Digital India by connecting machines and sensors from space, so that businesses can understand, manage, and predict specific aspects of their operation in order to make better decisions, the company said.

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