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Suppose, you want to move your messages from WhatsApp over to another app. It looked theoretically impossible, until now. But, Team Telegram has made it possible today.

A Whatsapp user can move his messages, including videos and documents, to Telegram. This works both for individual chats and groups. Messages can be imported into the current day along with their original timestamps. 

Telegram just made it easy to import WhatsApp chats

The best part is that Telegram does not virtually takes space while letting access to all messages, photos and videos anytime one needs them.

Control Over One’s Digital Footprint

Users’ data is their business, which is why Telegram users can export their chats and delete messages they send and receive, without a trace. This way one gets more control over their digital footprint.

Want to migrate from WhatsApp but worried about losing chats? Telegram now  lets you transfer chat history -

Telegram servers don’t store information about deleted chats and call logs, so the data disappears completely, forever.

Reporting Fake Channels

All Telegram apps let users report spam and other types of illegal content, including calls to violence or child abuse. They can also report fake channels or groups that impersonate famous people or organizations. 

Many accessibility improvements have been added for both TalkBack and VoiceOver users. 

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