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iPhone users using the Facebook iOS app faced a situation where they had to log in to the app again. That’s because the social media giant logged out almost every iPhone user around the world on Friday night.

Soon after iPhone users unknowingly got logged out of the app, several started talking about it on Twitter. While most of them had to log back in, some with two factor authentication (2FA) faced failed sessions and delays in the login process as the SMS codes arrived late. Facebook is aware of the issue. Facebook is not down. We repeat,but it is surely having some kind of issue, on iPhones around the world including in India.

The company spokesperson said that this might have happened due to a configuration change and the firm is looking into it. Many iPhone users, or more precisely those who access(ed) the Facebook app on iOS devices, across the world including in India were not able to access Facebook and opening the app asked them to log back into their accounts. The app kept showing users that their session had expired.

Facebook released a statement soon after. “We’re looking into reports of people being logged out and having to login again to access their Facebook accounts. We’re working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience,” said Facebook in a post.

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