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14 startups from K’taka get recognition among a total of 36 startups

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Reinforcing its importance as the startup hub of India, Karnataka tops in the startup winners list of the first edition of the National Startup Awards 2020 organised by Ministry of Commerce and Industry under its Department for promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

At a virtual function Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for Commerce & Industry Som Parkash published the list of 36 startups along with one accelerator and one incubator. The award is instituted to recognize and reward outstanding Startups and ecosystem enablers that are building innovative products or solutions and scalable enterprises, with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation, demonstrating measurable social impact.

The first edition of the Awards invited applications across 12 sectors, which were further sub-classified into a total of 35 categories. These 12 sectors are Agriculture, Education, Enterprise Technology, Energy, Finance, Food, Health, Industry 4.0, Space, Security, Tourism and Urban Services. Apart from these, startups are to be selected from those which create an impact in rural areas, are women-led and founded in academic campuses.

A total of 1641 applications were received from startups spread across 23 States and 4 Union Territories. These applicants included 654 Women-led, 165 academic institutions based and 331 startups working in rural areas.

All applicants were evaluated against six broad parameters namely Innovation, Scalability, Economic Impact, Social Impact, Environmental Impact, and Inclusiveness and Diversity. After three rounds of detailed evaluation, 199 startups were selected for presentation before the jury. 192 out of these made presentations before the 15 specialist jury panels, which comprised of domain experts from industry, investors and government.

“The recognised entities will benefit from such recognition, not only in terms of being able to attract more business, financing, partnerships and talent, but also enable them to serve as role models for other entities, and to inspire them to be purposeful and responsible about their socio-economic impact,” said Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal.

31 applications were received from incubators and 10 applications were received from Accelerators. 9 incubators and 5 Accelerators were selected after three rounds of evaluation for presentation before Jury Panel. All of them gave presentations before the Jury.

Blockchain-based Certificate Verification

The felicitation ceremony was accompanied by the release of an e-Report on National Startup Awards 2020 highlighting the journey of First National Startup Awards including details of winners. The ‘Startup India Showcase’ and ‘Blockchain-based Certificate Verification System’ were also launched during the event.

The ‘Startup India Showcase’, a part of the Startup India portal, is intended to be an online discovery platform for the most promising startups of the country. The startups showcased here shall be handpicked by experts and will span across different sectors like FinTech, EdTech, Social Impact among others.

The showcase will help industry, investors and public authorities find and connect with startups for potential partnerships, investments and public procurement respectively. This showcase will help the ecosystem connect with them better while also serving as an inspiration.

The ‘Blockchain-based Certificate Verification System’ will enable instant verification and access to certificates of recognitions issued by DPIIT. This feature introduces an added layer of security to the startup certificates. It can be accessed by Government Departments, procurement entities, investors, and other third parties to verify status of recognized startups for accessing different opportunities.

Startup ecosystem

Congratulating the winners, the Railways and Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that the awards will generate excitement and enthusiasm among the young entrepreneurs in taking their innovative ideas to the higher level. 

“The awards are unique in terms of breadth and span and recognise new ideas, innovations and new ways of working.  These are not only the recognition and celebration of the new Eco-system but will also encourage the startup fraternity to aim for the sky.  Some of them will become the future unicorns and success stories of India which the world will see and recognise.  This will propel the startups to expand and serve new geographies and a large number of people,” said Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal. 

Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyalalso highlighted that startups are going to play important role in many strategic sectors. 

“New technologies will help in the economic development and take the fruits of development and growth to the last man in the pyramid.  Technology can help the people across the country to build up skills, achieve scales and improve quality,” said Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal. 

e-Market place

He called upon the startups to enlist themselves in the Government e-market place (GEM) so that they can offer their services to the Government Departments and large number of customers.  He said that it is nice to see that people in the country are now becoming job creators rather than job seekers. 

“State Governments are also facilitating and incentivising the entrepreneurs and this positive approach augurs well for their expansion and growth.  The COVID-19 should not be seen as a challenge but as an opportunity and those who are coming up with this challenge and fight with the focused approach with ideas, innovations and good execution, will reap the dividends,” said Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal.

Expressing happiness over the development, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for IT and BT Ashwatha Narayana said it is a recognition for Karnataka government’s pro-startup and innovation policies.

“We will continue to engage and promote startups with renewed vigour so that Karnataka will become the top startup ecosystem in the world. Besides bringing innovation and technology disruption, startups will bring employment and help industry also flourish,” he said.

Besides constituting an Innovation Authority, a first of its kind initiative in the country, Karnataka government is going ahead with its plan to constitute a separate corpus fund for supporting startups.

Karnataka sets trend

Expressing happiness over the strides made by startups from the state as part of National Startup Awards 2020 List , Principal Secretary for Commerce and Industries Department Gaurav Gupta said Karnataka has set a roadmap for developing startup ecosystem in the country.

“The large presence of global IT companies and highly talented professional have really changed the landscape of innovation and startup culture in the state. The startup ecosystem in the state further registered its growth under the proactive state policies. It is highlighted by the grand success of the state government largest startup programme Elevate Karnatak, which started its journey in 2017,” said Principal Secretary for Commerce and Industries department Gaurav Gupta.

Following are the startups got selected from the state for the National Startup Award 2020

1 Mandya Organic Foods Private Limited

Founders Madhu Chandan SC www.organicma
They have enabled farmers to develop high yield organic products leading to increased self-reliance, economic
independence and growth of farmers

2 Robotguru Education Technologies Private Limited

Founders: Shwetha Harshavardhana Harshvardhana Narayana Kikkeri S Sivakumar Subramanian https://www. m/education
The mysore-based startup has come up with the VR RobotGuru solution allows students to understand topics better by
enabling them to explore, experience and perform activities and experiments.

3, Esyasoft Technologies Private Limited  (energy)

Founders: Sanjay Soni Bipin Chandra www.esyas 
By introducing AI, machine learning and deep learning analytics into a smart grid platform, this product supports enhancing energy efficiency of the transmission and distribution system till the end consumer level. 

4. Niramai Health Analytix Private Limited – Healthcare 

Founders:Dr Geetha Manjunath Dr Nidhi Mathur https://www. / 
By offering a solution for early detectionof breast cancer, this product is a game changer for reducing health complications and fatalities.

5. Bonayu Lifesciences Private Limited  – Healthtech – Lifescience

Founders:Bhavna Basu www.bonay
They have developed a patented manufacturing platform for topical thin films for higher drug loading, fast dissolution, excellent mucoadhesion, taste, masking and delayed release. 

6. Innaumation Medical Devices Private Limited – Medical Devices

Founders:Shashank M Dr. Vishal U S Rao www.innau 
They have developed a costeffective device to enablepersons who have lost their voice due to throat cancer to speak through this product.

7. UptimeAI Tech Private Limited – Industry 4.0 – Bog Data

Founders: Vamsi Yalamanchili www.uptime 
They have developed an AI based platform that continuously reads sensor data from every equipment in the plant, analyzes it, and alerts plant engineers of any impending issues. This can be a game-changer in the manufacturing and process industries.

8. Minionlabs India Private Limited – Industry 4.0 – Bog Data

Founder: Gokul Shrinivas https://www. minionlabs.t ech/
This is an IoT based platform for increasing energy efficiency levels usingMachine learning and AI to derive actionable insightsfor various real estate establishments.

9.  Scapic Innovations Private Limited – Augmented Reality Products / Wearables

Founders: Sai Krishna, VK Ajay PV www.scapic. com 
Their product enables brands to create 3D and AR experiences without the need of writing any code while distributing it through cloud and web with no app installations required.

10.  Gingermind Technologies Pvt Ltd — Industry 4.0, Computer Vision

Founders Vaibhav Asthana Gaurav Mittal Subodh Mittal 
They have developed Wearable Products to support the visually impaired for living independently. This has the potential to change the existing paradigm in the abilities of the visually impaired. 

11.  Param People Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd. – Travel Planning and Discovery

Founder: Rajesh G https://high m/ 
Their product enables travellers to ideally plan their trip by discovering facilities and transact with verified highway services and amenities.

12 Wickedride Adventure Services Private Limited – Urban Services Traffic Management

Founders: Varun Agni, Anil G, Vivekananda H R https://boun m/ 
This bike-sharing service will be extremely beneficial not just in tier-I cities, but also tier-II and III cities. The impact of this service would be profound in the context of urban mobility.

13. Bellatrix Aerospace Private Limited  – Satellite technology – Mysore

Founders: Yashas Karanam Rohan M Ganapathy www.bellatri xaerospace. com 
Their electric propulsion systems offering effective alternative technology to chemical propulsion that offers 10 times more specific impulse (fuel efficiency), 3 times more payload carrying capacity and 2 times reduction in mission cost, can be the next step for space propulsion systems globally. 

14. Azooka Labs Private Limited  Special category ; Women Led/ Startups With A Women Founder ; Life Sciences 

Founders: Alex D Paul R Fathima Benazir J www.azookalife. com www. 
They have created a unique class of safe nucleic acid stains and fluorescent stains for genomics research and molecular diagnostics.

The total list of startup which got selected. Click here

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