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New Delhi, NFAPost: Launched last week, ‘Bullmen Guarantee Offer’ aims to help more than 100,000 home seekers in Delhi NCR apart from similar number of commercial real estate buyers and investors. 

Bullmen Realty India, one of the top-notch real estate consulting firms in India, came out with this campaign to safeguard the investment of the real estate buyers, who sometimes find themselves stuck in projects that get mired in problems and fail to take off.

The campaign has the potential to help the buyers choose from the huge inventory available in Delhi NCR. In H1 2020, Delhi NCR has unsold inventory of around 2 lakh and 6,190 newly launched units.

Best assurance

Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain the guarantee that we are offering to the buyers is targeted to work in two ways – increase the faith of buyers in real estate and help get good sales for worthy projects.

“The offer to help the buyers get double the money from the developer is turning out to be the best assurance that buyers could get. No one wants their money back if the project is delivered as per the promises, and through this shield, we will ensure that everything works in favour of the buyers,” says Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain.

Such an assurance was never given in the real estate sector and it is the step that will start a new level of transparency in the sector that deals in delivering dreams to the people.

Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain said over the years, a handful few errant developers brought a bad name to the whole sector.

Checked investing

“This shield will help in ironing out the misconceptions. We also thought about this campaign on the basis of the fact that most of the homebuyers do not know about the paperwork that needs to be checked before investing. So we took it upon ourselves to help them with the checks and thus help them get their property effortlessly,” says Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain.

Bullmen Realty India will check the projects on four parametres – NOCs, background check of developers, quality of construction, or compliance or RERA. Incorporated in 2015, the company’s sales experts research everything on customer’s behalf to bring the best property deal for them.

The company also provides a comprehensive guide to the property documentation process and financial services to make the property buying journey a memorable affair.

Talking on the huge response to the campaign, Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain says it is a stamp of approval from the buyers on our intentions.

Assistance to buyers

“The response has given us confidence that we are on the right track and coming out with assistance that buyers desperately need. We will work on making this campaign more powerful in the days to come,” said Bullmen Realty India Managing Director Ankush Jain.

Bullmen Realty India Pvt. Limited is a growing real estate company that deals with buying, selling and operating self-owned or leased real estate , suitable as per the client demands. The company is proudly dealing with some of the top builders (MMR, Saya,. Shri Groups, Supertech, Lotus Greens,ACE, Wave,WTC,Antriksh etc.) together with the well-organized and formidable sales team.

Actively pacing ahead in the development and sale of land, hotels and residential sites the company main focus is to provide a helping hand to the masses and easy access to the land they desire. Directors of the company are Ankush Jain, Samiksha Jain, Arshad Jawed with Assistant Director Vivek Gupta and Prem Mohan Singh.

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