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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Coffee at workplace not only ignites the spark in employees but also allows to indulge in conversations that build the culture of any organization. While companies across the world are gearing up to offer safer work environments, Lavazza through its inventions is ensuring there is no negotiation in the quality for the employees.

Keeping all safety measures in mind and not compromising on the regular cup of coffee, Lavazza’s new contact-free coffee dispensing system allows one to brew their favourite cup of coffee through an app without an internet connection.

The innovation to come up with a contact-less coffee dispensing systems was necessiteated by Covid-19 and it changed the way we think, live and work. Safety of employees has become the most important priority of companies worldwide. 

Lavazza’s contactless coffee dispensing system through an app allows coffee dispensing using smart proximity signals where the app and the coffee machine connect via an internal SSID (closed WiFi network) without WiFi or 4G connection.

One just has to download the Lavazza app on their phone, choose their favourite cup of coffee and pick it at the schedule time shown on the screen

Lavazza India Managing Director Jai Ganesh Ramnath said with select clients from various sectors, especially under essential services having opened their workspaces from April 2020, there was a need for non-touch beverage solutions.

“As social distancing and contactless modules became the new norm, we wanted to provide a hygienic coffee experience. So, we developed the contact-free dispensing system for everyone to enjoy coffee breaks without any compromises,” said Lavazza India Managing Director Jai Ganesh Ramnath.

Offices have reopened and employees are surely missing out on their usual dose of coffee while socializing at work or otherwise.

To make sure there is complete distancing maintained between people, the app features an automatic inbuilt queuing system to avoid contact between multiple users during break time while seamless synchrony between the machine and app ensures Zero lag time.

Employees can access the machine without sharing their mobile numbers or being asked for an OTP. 

Lavazza India Managing Director Jai Ganesh Ramnath said prioritizing the customer and their needs has always been the centre of Lavazza’s innovations and products right from its inception 125 years ago.

“The company also ensured that the coffee we sell adhered to International Food Standards like FSSC 22000, ISO 9001:2015 and Kosher. The entire process flow from unloading the green beans, automatic storage into silos, roasting and packaging the coffee beans/ grounded powder is completely automated process with no human intervention, now we are happy to add the contactless dispensing system as well keeping customers wellbeing in mind,” said Lavazza India Managing Director Jai Ganesh Ramnath.

A precise consumption data to manage inventory is also received from the machine making its maintenance seamless and hassle free. To make sure that employees settle for nothing less than an ultimate coffee experience, the app has an inbuilt feedback feature to enhance the same from time to time.

Please find attached a video file that explains the entire procedure for your reference. Also attached are pictures and a brochure on the contactless dispensing system.

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