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The digital campaign to comprise of multiple ad films highlighting the importance of changing the lens through which we look at life

Bengaluru, NFAPost: With the entire world going through a strenuous phase, a lot of times it is hard for even the most optimistic people to stay positive. With this very thought at the core, Bausch + Lomb India has launched a campaign that encourages people to look at the positive side of the situation and celebrate the many brighter moments that have come along the way.

As a result, they end up reminiscing about the good times in the hope for those moments to come back soon. While the battle against the ongoing pandemic is far from over, the need of the hour is to stay happy and up-beat.

The main ad depicts what seems to be a pre-lockdown situation wherein the protagonist appears to be constantly stressed or worried. This frame transitions, revealing that it is the current scenario wherein the protagonist establishes the positive connotations that can be associated with the new normal.

Narrative of digital ads

Simple pleasures such as spending quality time with your family, taking up new hobbies, sipping on your coffee at ease which seemed like a distant possibility before, are now the new reality. The narrative of the digital ads has been designed to urge the viewers to change the lens through which they look at life and whole-heartedly embrace the new normal.

Additionally, the main ad will be accompanied by three films aimed at highlighting Bausch + Lomb’s diverse contact lenses & lenscare portfolio and how there is a product for all ages and lifestyles.

Commenting on the campaign, Bausch + Lomb India Managing Director Sanjay Bhutani said in times of uncertainty what is required is an antidote that can help us keep a positive attitude.

“I firmly believe that this antidote, lies within us and all we need to do is simply change our outlook towards life and situations. Through the ‘live better, live now’ campaign, Bausch + Lomb India aims to humbly urge viewers to focus on all the good things in our lives today and march forward with determination and hope for brighter tomorrow,” said Bausch + Lomb India Managing Director Sanjay Bhutani.

Nationwide lockdown

Chief Operating Officer Chandni Shah Kinnect said inevitably, during this unique period of nationwide lockdown, the company has noticed that it is a difficult journey for a lot of people to adapt to the new normal.

“With Bausch + Lomb’s ‘Live better, Live now’ campaign, we focused on creating communication that highlights the positive aspects of the lockdown and urges people to embrace the new normal. We wanted people to look beyond the uncertainties, and reflect time upon what makes them happy,” said Bausch + Lomb India Chief Operating Officer Chandni Shah Kinnect.

The campaign which went live on August 30th, saw a digital release and was seen across Bausch + Lomb India’s social media platforms.

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