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When companies across the country transitioned towards a remote working module, one of the biggest questions, and challenges that everyone was faced with was to ensure continued connectivity while working remotely. Being in a situation which was relatively new for a lot of companies, it was crucial to find the right tools that would ensure productivity was maintained, and operations continued smoothly. Fortunately, several ‘Made in India’ platforms rose to the occasion with an aim to provide bespoke solutions that are tailor made to suit the needs of businesses that are working from home. Here are the top seven tools that are aiding productivity and smooth continuity of operations.

1.       Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an easy to use, self-service tool designed to meet the needs of the customer service sector. Understanding the needs of an industry that has for long operated out of physical offices and call centres, Freshdesk by Freshworks is a cloud-based customer support software that focuses on cross-functional team collaboration. Through the portal, companies can enjoy the convenience of having streamlined customer interactions from across multiple channels including phone, email, chat, and social media. By streamlining remote customer service operations through Freshdesk, businesses deploying its services can efficiently manage this function, as they scale their growth.

2.       Flock

Flock Ropes in Sam Mallikarjunan as CRO - Mobility India

Flock is a leading team communication app and online collaboration platform. Flock helps make communication seamless across teams and departments to provide users with an enhanced work from home experience. The platform has incorporated productivity features like video conferencing, screen & file sharing, voice notes, unlimited chat history, team messaging, project management and many more. All these features enable employees to experience a hassle free work from home. Flock continues to support organizations leading the fight against Covid-19 in healthcare, education, government and the non-profit sector. While the standard benefit for the above categories will lapse on August 31, it will continue to support organizations with frontline workers like hospitals and emergency services until the end of the year.

3.       WebEngage

WebEngage® | B2C Marketing Automation Hub For Enterprises

As technology takes over almost every aspect of our businesses, data is one of the most important components in understanding, and devising plans for continued growth. WebEngage leverages this to enable businesses to create customised marketing experiences for brands. As a marketing automation platform, it allows users to craft personalised and contextual campaigns, that can be delivered to users through various online channels. Through WebEngage, brands can engage with their customers through mobile, email, push, web, IVR, and display channels, to enjoy increased visibility.

4.       Khatabook

Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account – Apps on Google Play

One of the biggest changes that the pandemic brought about, was that of facilitating the digitisation of small businesses, particularly those of kirana stores. Making what would be a difficult task for them easier, Khatabook is a digital ledger app for small business entrepreneurs that enables them to manage their business and personal credits all in one place. What’s even better, is that the app keeps a tab on customers who have made a purchase through credit, and notifies them via WhatsApp of their pending dues. In order to tap into the largely regional language user base that Khatabook would cater to, the app is accessible in 11 languages.

5.       Postman

Products – Postman Store

Digitisation has been key to working remotely, and has seen several companies transform their legacy systems to meet the needs of the present day. Aiding this change, is Postman- an automatic tool for API development. Postman’s features make it easier for businesses to create custom APIs with ease, and streamline the collaborations process so that one can build better APIs—faster. The tool also goes a step further in facilitating remote working by enabling software applications to communicate with each other via API calls. It has also made it faster and easier to send REST, SOAP, and GraphQL requests instantly.

6.       Chargebee

Subscription Management & Recurring Billing Software | Chargebee

As subscription-based business models gain prominence across categories, Chargebee is designed to help companies a management platform. What this does, is manages all aspects of the subscription life cycle which comprises of recurring billing, invoicing, and trial management for your customers. The system is also designed to offer brands integrated payment gateways for timely collection of subscription fees through recurring billing platforms. They also deploy several of their own features such as customer life cycle management, invoicing, email notifications, customer portal and more, for a smooth payment collection experience.

7.       LeadSquared

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LeadSquared Sales + Mobile CRM Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features |  G2

LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that assists B2B & B2C businesses to track, nourish, and maintain their leads. It consists of services like sales CRM, mobile CRM, marketing automation, integrations, and a conversion platform. The platform allows brands to control their complete database on its intuitive interface, where they can produce a custom logic. By leveraging such a platform it has proven useful in increasing closures and maintaining pipelines seamlessly.

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