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Replaces 21-year-old legacy system to embark on a digital transformation journey with Ramco 

Chennai, NFAPost: Global aviation software provider Ramco Systems announced that it has gone live at Société Calédonienne de Transports Aériens (Air Calédonie), the first domestic airline of New Caledonia.

Ramco System’s Aviation M&E MRO Suite V5.8, a modern aviation ERP, will enable automation of maintenance, logistics, planning, engineering and shop floor activities and improve visibility of aircraft maintenance planning activity. 

With modules for Engineering & CAMO, Maintenance, Supply Chain Management, Compliance, Quality and Reliability Management, Employee certification management, MRO execution, Book Keeping and Accounts Payables, Ramco Aviation Suite V5.8 enables Air Calédonie to reduce manual effort and costs for aircraft maintenance planning activities, and conduct efficient analysis of aircraft utilisation.

Inventory tracking

The solution is integrated with the finance system of Air Calédonie, allowing it to systemise inventory tracking and improve inventory turnover and cost tracking.  

The project marks Ramco’s first implementation in New Calédonie. In spite of severe business, operational, manpower and resource disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project implementation methodology was recalibrated and go-live was achieved, thereby building a path for paperless operations, the company said.

Air Calédonie Technical Director Eric Broutte said the company is happy to announce the successful go-live of Ramco Aviation Suite at Air Calédonie.

“The journey so far has been both eventful & challenging. On one hand, we faced the arduous hurdle of organisation wide, cultural & process change management, by migrating from a 21+ years old legacy system to a state-of-the-art fully integrated system. And on the other hand, we faced the unprecedented business, operations, and resource disruptions due to the COVID pandemic; that hit us hard during the most critical, rollout phase, of the project,” said Air Calédonie Technical Director Eric Broutte.

Best practices

However, Air Calédonie Technical Director Eric Broutte said both Air Calédonie & Ramco teams, tirelessly worked together as one, to successfully push through the tough times and are now more effectively adapting to the best practices using our new system.

“Our future vision is to complement our core system with Ramco’s mobility solutions, in our shop floors, warehouses and cockpits!,” said Air Calédonie Technical Director Eric Broutte.

Ramco Systems CEO Virender Aggarwal said the prevailing pandemic situation has given the company a chance to design an aviation industry fit for the future.

“It is during these tough times that operators like Air Calédonie are leveraging the latest technological stacks to transform their businesses. We are confident that Ramco’s rich functionalities and deep domain expertise, bundled with next-gen technology will help Air Calédonie’s automate operations, enabling efficient aircraft utilisation,” said Ramco Systems CEO Virender Aggarwal.

Aviation software

Ramco Aviation Software is trusted by over 24,000 users to manage 4,000 aircraft globally. Accessible on cloud and mobile, Ramco Aviation Software continues to innovate with ‘Anywhere Apps’, significantly reducing transaction time both during aircraft-on-ground (AOG) conditions and critical aircraft turnarounds.

Ramco is changing the paradigm of enterprise software with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions, powered by cool new features such as voice-based transactions on Google Assistant or Alexa, chatbots, mail bots, HUBs and cognitive solutions. With over 75 Aviation leaders onboard, Ramco is the solution of choice for several large airlines and top heli-operators and multiple MROs around the world. 

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