• First facility in India to manufacture value added rebars – Continuously Galvanised Rebar
  • Improvised product to minimise corrosion damage in infrastructure

Chennai, NFAPost: International Zinc Association (IZA), leading industry association dedicated exclusively to the interests of zinc in collaboration with Madhav KRG Group (one of the largest steel manufacturing company in North India) and Initiative supported by Hindustan Zinc Limited has launched Asia’s first-ever Continuous Galvanized Rebar (CGR) Manufacturing Facility.

The plant was virtually inaugurated by Union Minister of Steel, Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan along with Vedanta Limied Group CEO and Hindustan Zinc CEO Sunil Duggal and International Zinc Association and Global Executive Director Andrew Green.


The first-of-its-kind facility, situated near Gobindgarh in Punjab, will produce a new product, Continuously Galvanized Rebar (CGR). CGRs are value added rebars for higher life and low maintenance of infrastructure to provide significant cost savings compared to other corrosion resistant rebar systems.

It offers on-site formability of the finished product, superior corrosion resistance in concrete at a price cheaper than other corrosion resistant rebar (Epoxy Coating & CRS rebar)

With an annual capacity of over 30,000 tonnes, the plant will manufacture ZNCOAT TEMPCORE TMT BARS under the brand name – JYOTI – a name that is now synonymous with excellence in steel manufacturing.

This will be the first brand in Asia to apply CGR technology that will not only be superior but will also enhance life span of the rebars thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost.

Benefits of Continuous Galvanized Rebar (CGR)  

Superior Coating Adhesion: The CGR process produces a coating that is almost pure zinc except for approximately 1 micron ternary intermetallic alloy layer (Fe2Al5-xZnx) at the zinc/steel interface. With no thick zinc-iron alloy layers, the coated bar can be bent, stretched, or twisted without cracking or flaking the coating, regardless of the total coating mass.  

Superior Corrosion Resistance in Concrete & Ease of Coating: The CGR coating process is flexible – as few as one or as many as 8 bars can be run at a time.  It is also possible to convert coiled black rebar into coiled CGR.Even at a lower production rate, a line can run continuously for longer times (with minimal manpower) to produce the amount needed.    

Cost: The cost of CGR would be competitive with most specially treated rebar against corrosion

Commenting about the new facility, Madhav KRG Group Managing Director Sudhir Goyal said unlike painting and epoxy which are solely barrier-type coatings, CGRs are known to provide superior corrosion protection – both barrier and sacrificial – that further enhances the lifecycle of the underlying steel.

“I would like to thank the entire team of International Zinc Association and Hindustan Zinc Limited for their support in helping us bring this technology to India that will further help minimize the damage cause by corrosion and put India on the global map for its sustainable usage of zinc,” said Madhav KRG Group Managing Director Sudhir Goyal.

Addressing the audience, the steel minister Union Minister of Steel, Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan assured the industry of full support from the government and deliberated on how zinc will play an important role towards building infrastructure for the nation.

“As India is on its way to large-scale infrastructure expansions, use of galvanized rebar in construction is set to rise. India has a coastal line that extends over. 8000 kms. Coastal areas are prone to corrosion because of salty atmosphere leading to frequent maintenance requirement thereby adding to loss of material and impact on the productivity. Galvanizing ensures that the zinc coating is of a standard quality and offers resistance to erosion so that there is no risk of cracking due to bending,” said Union Minister of Steel, Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan.

Union Minister of Steel, Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan also stated that galvanised steel and rebars are environment friendly and cost effective and possess properties that enhances life of any structure with minimum maintenance.

“The commissioning of the new CGR facility will further increase the usage of zinc in steel industry and will support the much awaited need of supplying galvanized rebar in the construction industry. I would like to congratulate the entire team International Zinc Association and Madhav KRG Group for their efforts in setting up the first-ever Continuous Galvanized Rebar (CGR) facility in Asia that will not only boost to domestic steel market but will also put India on the global map, aligning it to GoI’s efforts in making India self-reliant or Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” said Union Minister of Steel, Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan.

Speaking on the occasion, Vedanta Limied Group CEO and Hindustan Zinc CEO Sunil Duggal said infrastructure, especially around the coastal areas face maximum risk of corrosion owing to humidity and constantly changing climate.

“A long-term answer to this far-reaching problem is the use of zinc protected steel during the structure’s initial construction stages, i.e. Galvanized rebar that not only ensures the longevity of the structures but is also a significant initiative towards safety. It’s time to mandate the use of galvanized coated rebar’s in all infrastructure projects,” said Vedanta Limied Group CEO and Hindustan Zinc CEO Sunil Duggal.

International Zinc Association and Global Executive Director Andrew Green said in the last ten years, Indian zinc demand grew at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4-5%.

“However, usage of galvanized rebars and especially CGRs has been limited despite the fact that it bonds in par with concrete than uncoated rebar, thereby doubling the life of big concrete structures. As the government of India looks to strengthen Indian infrastructure, it calls for the need to adopt durable and proven corrosion protection methods, like structure galvanization,” said International Zinc Association and Global Executive Director Andrew Green.

International Zinc Association and Global Executive Director Andrew Green also pointed out that with continuous support from players like Madhav KGR and Hindustan Zinc Limited, the shift to better national practices to help support India’s efforts towards sustainable evolution.

Galvanizing has been used for more than 100 years to protect structures exposed to different environmental conditions from corrosion. Realising the importance of this technique, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi had outlined a plan to spend about $1.5 trillion earlier this year, to upgrade and build infrastructure over the next five years to shore up economic growth, boosting the outlook for zinc, use of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion.

Over 1000 delegates (India and International) including ministry officials, opinion leaders, zinc producers, galvanizers, end users of galvanized products, industry executives from Railways, highway authorities, NHSRPL and design consultants attended the launch event.

International Zinc Association

The International Zinc Association (IZA) was created in 1991 by a group of leading zinc & steel producers to represent the zinc industry globally. IZA’s activities are to sustainably grow markets and maintain the industry’s license to operate through effectively managed initiatives in research and development, technology transfer, and communication of the value of zinc. Operating internationally and locally through its regional affiliates, IZA helps sustain the long-term global demand for zinc and its markets by promoting such key end uses as corrosion protection for steel and the essentiality of zinc in human health and crop nutrition.

IZA’s main programs are Sustainability & Environment, Technology & Market Development and Communications. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina (USA), IZA also operates regionally through their offices in China, Europe, Latin America, North America, India and Southern Africa.

Hindustan Zinc Limited

Hindustan Zinc is India’s largest and world’s second largest zinc-lead miner. With more than 50 years of operational experience, we give highest priority to safety of our people and conservation of scarce natural resources through technology and innovation. With reserve base of 114.7 million MT with an average zinc-lead grade of 8.7% and mineral resources of 288 million MT, our mine life is over 25 years. Our fully integrated zinc operations currently hold 78% market share in India’s primary zinc industry. We are the 6th largest silver producers globally with an annual capacity of 800 MT. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited which owns 64.9% stake in the Company while the Government of India retains a 29.5% stake. We are listed on the NSE and BSE.

Hindustan Zinc’s operations comprise lead-zinc mines, hydrometallurgical zinc smelters, lead smelters, pyro metallurgical lead-zinc smelter as well as sulphuric acid and captive power plants in northwest India. Total metal production capacity is 890,000 MT of zinc and 205,000 MT of lead. HZL has facilities located in Rampura Agucha, Chanderiya, Dariba, Kayad and Zawar in the state of Rajasthan, along with zinc-lead processing and refining facilities and a silver refinery at Pantnagar in the state of Uttarakhand.

Madhav KRG Group

Madhav KRG Group under the brand name “JYOTI – Ek Kadam Aage” that is synonymous with excellence in steel manufacturing. The biggest steel manufacturing company in North India – Madhav KRG Group takes pride in its network of 800+ dealers for across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir, with whom it has shared a long-standing business relationship.

JYOTI the flagship brand of Madhav KRG Group, has been a pioneer when it comes to Innovation and Quality enhancement. Steel has always been an essential part of every foundation, and what better way to augment the foundation than to give a robust and long lasting Galvanised TMT Bar.

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